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Theatrical: Once-in-a-lifetime events deserve the highest level of video graphic skills.

We have videotaped more than 300 theatrical and dance productions over the past 20 years, giving us the kind of experience necessary to artistically capture a play or musical.

Using a broadcast-quality camera and tripod, we assure a crisp, clear picture with smooth pans and zooms, producing a videotape that spotlights the performance, not the videographer.

Auctions: With video you have a legal record of how an item is described and presented at the time of sale, and what the bidding actually was.

Documenting the sale of each object in an auction is a routine practice for many auctioneers, from estate auctions to land and property.

Capture the condition of items with extreme close-ups, which can be sent to bidders who can't be present for a personal inspection.

Use video to promote your auction services, setting yourself apart from the rest.

Real estate: Video gives a multi-dimensional view of the home and property that is much more powerful than a written or pictorial description.

Imagine showing your house-hunting clients short video clips of a variety of properties.  For contractors, video can provide an important record of the construction process, especially if questions ever arise as to whether you followed local building codes. If you are building "on spec",  a video tour of a new home helps it stand out from the hundreds of other listings a potential customer sees.

Insurance: Video Inventory

Insurance professionals routinely advise having an insurance inventory of your home's content. Providing your insurance agent with a written list of your belongings is good practice, but the quality and condition of your belongings can be much more accurately depicted on video. Why not have EVP put together a "video inventory" of your precious belongings - think of it as another kind of "insurance" against the unexpected loss.

Legal: Video Depositions and Documentations

Sometimes witnesses cannot come to a lawyer's office or the courtroom to give depositions.

Video documentation of a client's present level of functioning, or a "day in the life" video can provide dramatic testimony in injury cases.

Video footage of physical damage to structures shows the judge or jury the real situation.

Videotaping signings of wills and trusts documents the signee's state of mind and motivation at the time, in case of future challenges.

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